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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gettin to Kaps Weddin


Get ready to get 2 Kasp Wedding but I really blank which exit to take and which way I am going ...

Lokasi Rumah Pengantin Lelaki:
546A, Jalan Jaya Bakti, Kg. Batu 4 Sepintas, 45200, Sabak Bernam.


How To: Send Google Earth Location From Computer To Nokia Maps On Phone
* Start off in Google Earth. Select your location and save it. Be sure to save as .kml and not .kmz.
* Next, go to this website:
* For the source format, select .kml
* Next upload your file.
* Finally, select your output format. You can choose formats for TomTom (.ov2), Garmin (.asc) and Nokia Maps (.lmx). I can’t test TomTom or Garmin, so I’ll talk about Nokia Maps.
* Send the .lmx file to your phone. I sent the file with bluetooth for ease of use. You can also plug in the USB cable and then transfer the file, then open it with a file explorer. You can also email the file to yourself as an attached file.
* Open the .lmx file and Nokia Maps will start up and find the location.

Kaps house on nokia/maps

See U all There....

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